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January 31, 2018

It is time once again to get back into our study of the Gospel of John. We have so much more work to do. I am certainly spending more time with John than the other gospels due to the fact that there is information found in John that is not found in the synoptic gospels...

January 30, 2018

Good morning. It's snowing again here in Madison. We enjoyed some spring like weather for the past week, but now it's winter again. I hope you are safe and warm. Today we will continue looking at the story of Lazarus. Yesterday we saw where Jesus raised him from the de...

January 29, 2018

Good morning. Sorry for not posting on Friday. It was a busy day of visiting hospitals and sermon preparation. Today, we will continue our look at the Gospel of John by looking at the story of the death of Jesus' friend, Lazarus. The story is found in the eleventh chap...

January 25, 2018

Good morning to you! Let's jump right back into our work looking at the Gospel of John. So far, I've covered something from each chapter, but now I'm going to pick up the pace a bit. In chapter six, Jesus feeds the multitudes with just five small barley loaves and two...

January 24, 2018

Thank you for joining me once again as we continue our look at the Gospel of John. Today we will be looking at Jesus' encounter with the woman at the well. But, before I go there I was just thinking about yesterday's lesson where we heard Jesus tell Nicodemus, "You mus...

January 23, 2018

Good morning. I hope you are enjoying our look at the Gospel of John. Let me ask you a question: Have you ever heard someone say, "The Bible says you must be born again?" Well, today we will look at where that saying is derived. 

"Now there was a man of the Pharisees na...

January 22, 2018

Good morning. Today we begin a new week together in the study of God's Word. I hope you look forward to it as much as I do. We are continuing our look at the Gospel of John. Today we are in chapter two and we will be looking at the beginning of Jesus' ministry accordin...

January 19, 2018

I hope you are having a great Friday. It is supposed to warm up beginning today, but it is sure taking its sweet time doing it. Oh well, I have to keep reminding myself that we are in the midst of winter. My wife often looks at me while I'm complaining and says: "It's...

January 18, 2018

Good morning! Today, as we continue our journey through the Bible we are going to begin looking at the Gospel of John. I think you will enjoy this study. We will see things in John that we did not see in the other three gospels. Through the years I have heard new Chris...

January 17, 2018

Good morning. I hope you are safe and warm on this wintry Wednesday. There is no school here in Boone County, West Virginia, therefore there will not be Wednesday evening services tonight. This, of course, means that we will have to fix dinner at home. (We serve a Wedn...

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July 11, 2018

June 15, 2018

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