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August 31, 2017

*I hope you forgive me, but I will not be posting tomorrow or Monday. I'm going to take a few days and go away. Because of me not posting again until Monday I won't go into much detail within the scripture itself. I want to just cover a few verses, then give some impor...

August 30, 2017

"How beautiful you are, my darling! Oh, how beautiful! Your eyes behind your veil are doves. Your hair is like a flock of goats descending from Mount Gilead. Your teeth are like a flock of sheep just shorn coming up from the washing...Your temples behind your veil are...

August 29, 2017

No! And neither does my wife! Just kidding. Yes, our text today is a little risqué. I know, it's the Bible and there is nothing risqué in the Bible. At least that's what some would have you believe. I present as evidence the Song of Songs, or the Song of Solomon, as it...

August 28, 2017

Psych! The scripture we are going to deal with today informs us that "there is nothing new under the sun." (Ecclesiastes 1:9b) Good morning. I hope you had a great weekend. It was certainly a beautiful weekend here in Madison, but we pray for those who are in the path...

August 25, 2017

*Yes, as I write this the old song "Turn, Turn, Turn" by the Byrds (I think) is playing in my head. Sing along: "For everything, Turn, Turn, Turn...There is a season, Turn, Turn, Turn..." Hmm. I can't even sing good in writing. Oh well, it did make for a good song. (At...

August 24, 2017

*Today we will continue our look into the Book of Proverbs. Today, we will actually look at the actual proverbs. As you may remember the first nine chapters of the book are devoted to the comparison between wisdom and folly. The student (portrayed in terms of a son) is...

August 23, 2017

*Good Wednesday morning. It's another beautiful day here in Madison. Today, we are continuing our look at the Book of Proverbs. Yesterday, we looked at the comparison between "lady" wisdom and "lady" (well, very un-lady like) folly. Today, we are going to look at what...

August 22, 2017

*Good morning. Today we are going to move on in to the Book of Proverbs. I know that we did not spend much time on the Psalms, but there are so many Psalms and they each speak to different emotions and thoughts that we could be in that book forever. The Book of Proverb...

August 21, 2017

*Yes, today's title has the solar eclipse in mind. It's the talk everywhere you go, with the biggest concern being our eyes. "Wear proper glasses!" we are told, "But make sure they are NASA approved." I even heard yesterday that some are suggesting that if you don't ha...

August 18, 2017

*It's a beautiful, but rainy Friday morning here in Madison. I hope you are having a good day wherever you may be. If you are enjoying these daily studies please know that there is much more to follow. I don't know about you, but I am very excited about eventually gett...

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July 11, 2018

June 15, 2018

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